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Ok, I’m back.

Ok, so yeah I post one time and leave for a looooooong time. Just been a busy and hectic summer.

The beginning of June my daughter was hospitalized for a infected Bronchial Cleft Cyst. What’s that you may ask? Its a birth defect from when she was in the womb. At 5 weeks inutero the formation of like the head and stuff begins. Well on her, she ended with what is a blood clot that then became a cyst and bada bing! Its right on her chest, kinda by the collar bone.

It literally came up so fast. One day it was perfectly normal and then the next it was red and inflamed. We took her to the Children’s Hospital here in Buffalo, where she was given an antibiotic, told that we need to contact her Ear, Nose and Throat doctor as they thought it was at first a different type of cyst. 3 days later, the redness and swelling is worse and we go right back. This time an ENT came to lance it, barely got anything out, no blood or puss, it was odd. And we were admitted for a 3 day stay of IV antibiotics. So after that told to follow up with the ENT who saw her and will go from there about surgery to remove etc. Oh also an appointment with her pediatrician as a follow. Well, her ped didn’t like the look and called to make her appointment faster. And from there it’s been a chaotic mess of doctors appointments, all summer. My poor dear. It’s just been a chaotic summer.

As to projects, it’s been sparse. A day of sidewalk painting, colouring that sort of thing., It was hard to do activities outside due to her meds. Can’t be outside will cause HORRIBLE sunburn. If with as much sun block we lather her with.

I did make a go at a pair of crocheted booties that look like all star converse! Turned out cute and a friend wants me to make a pair for her son!

I got the original pattern from here:

Thank you pintrest! Ha ha.

Here is how mine turned out:

Needs some fixing up on the pattern for my friend’s son, but still cute none the less. Also need to use thinner yarn! Cute right?

My most recent project was for my daughter. Her birthday is coming up. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Jr. Moment he comes on “MIMI MIMI!” So her theme is Mickey. Oh TWOdles. Cheesy, but cute haha. So I decide she needs a tut for and and saw this pattern on pintrest and thought “Why not?”

I used a red yarn for the band and white buttons, then added black, red, white and yellow tulle. You be the judge cute or what?

I still need to make her t-shirt for our trip to the Zoo! Weeeeee! Stay tuned for the pictures of the t-shirt and the completed outfit!

Until then, leave me some comments of some ideas to work on! Anything you would like seen made? Ask!