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Long over due.

Yeah I slack pretty hardcore on this whole blogging thing. Sorry for lack of post. I’ve been crafty, just forget to post and what not.

So I made this a while ago to go with my Gremlin’s Doc McStuffins Check up Center she got for Christmas. Every doctor needs a doctors bag right? Well that’s what I made on a whim for her.



Pretty cute eh? Want the pattern? Of course ya do! So with out further a due:

Doc Mcstuffins Bag.

Size 6.0 mm hook.
White yarn (I used the simply pound white).
Dark Purple yarn (I used Red Heart in Dark Orchid).
Dark Purple felt (for heart).
Tan felt and black marker (for band-aid).
Tapestry needle.
Hot glue gun.

Start with white.
Ch 50
Row One: DC in second st from hook across till end. Ch 2 Turn. (49)
Row 2-15: Repeat row one. (49)
Fold into thirds start at bottom with purple and SC sides and top. Make sure to SC 3 times in the corners.

****Mine was a little too wide, so I won’t put that in, but for a thinner one.****
With white yarn Ch 100.
Row 1: Dc second st from hook, crochet arcoss. Ch 1
Row 2: Change color to purple SC across and around. Remember in each corner SC 3 times.
Attach strap to the bag.
For heart and band aid:
Take purple yarn ad cut out a heart. Well that was easy xP

Cut a rectangle shape out of the tan then round off the corners. Take the marker and draw the dots.
Hot glue the band-aid to the heart, then hot glue heart onto bag! Bada bing! Doc McStuffin’s bag!

There ya go! I’ll be back in a day or so with a new blog with my other fun projects! Thought I’d hurry and get this one out since I’ve holding since…yeah I forgot when I made this =P Enjoy!

Just please if you use this give me credit where credit is due! Thanks!


Blogging? GASP!

Hi y’all!

So I’ve realized that I have not been here in a very long time. Life with a 2 year old is very hectic! Also with a move and starting a new job. I have been pretty crafty, or have tried to be.

I’ve also recently got in Blythe dolls, thanks to a good friend. So I have made some little things for my doll. So I’ll show you the most recent crafts for the Blythe doll and the pattern source, and show you my daughter’s and mine lastest projects that we’ve done =)

First let me introduce to you Miss Harlowe Jane. My lovely lilttle blythe doll =) She will be modeling her 2 new dress that I got the pattern from:


Doesn’t she look beautiful? Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get some outfits and other things made soon!

On to the crafts that I’ve done with my daughter. Since the weather has gotten nicer, moved to a new apartment with a nice yard and trees, and had some extra milk jugs, we made a bird feeder! Here’s her lovely creation!


Adorable again right? She loves it and asks me to pick her up so she can see all the birds (and squirrels) in her feeder!

So how we did this, I took a marker and outlined 2 holes and cut them. Took the cap and poked a hole through it and tied some hemp in the hole to make a loop. Then 4 hols in the bottom for the sticks to go through, filled it up and VIOLA! Bird feeder!

As you aslo know Mother’s Day is this weekend, so for my mother and my husbands mother we did these little ideas that I got from Pintrest!

IMAG1911   IMAG1959

Tada! My goal is to make the grandma’s cry! Haha!

So those are the latest projects I’ve done! Hopefully you think they are cute and decide to go and do them as well!!

-The Crafty Mummy