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Ello my readers!

Here I am to show you Gremlin’s t-shirt I did for her birthday. First off I’m going to say I had a HELL of a time with it. For some reason, it just kept failing. I think possibly my iron wasn’t hot enough, or I guess maybe I’m dumb? Ha. Seriously though, it didn’t turn out all that grand. I wasn’t able to get her in the tutu and the shirt Monday, because she was sick. Which meant no zoo =( Then the shirt was ruined by her wearing it. Like I said HELL of a time with it. Here’s a picture when I finished with the tutu!


Adorable. I’m really bummed I wasn’t able to get the whole outfit =( Stupid germs. Here, however is her in the shirt, the best I could do, given her circumstances.


Theeeeeeen there were her cupcakes. A-FREAKING-DORABLE! Seriously you be the judge…

Yeah, that’s what I thought! She loved them and gobbled them up! Well, when she was feeling better and wanted to eat.

Remember, if there is something you’d like me to try out let me know! I really need to work on them shoes for my friend’s son! Ha. I’m also working on a blanket for Gremlin, and I really want to figure out some more things on the Knook!